Can You Imagine Diwali without Delicious Diwali Dishes?

Can You Imagine Diwali without Delicious Dishes?

First of all Happy Diwali in Advance, 2016 diwali celebrate Sunday, October 30 across the nation. Even if you have all the comforts in the world, there comes a point every now and then that life seems monotonous and dreary and it happens with everyone. I can’t say with surety but festivals came into being, it appears, to lessen and lighten all this sameness. People especially Indians are naturally given to festivities. Ours is a colorful country where people of multiple cultures live together. Festivals bring them even closer. When it comes to celebration, I think no one comes nearer to Indians. Diwali is one such festival which the whole India celebrates like crazy. Preparations begin days before. Children start collecting crackers and older ones, can you guess? Yep, you are right. They start cooking delicacies Diwali dishes.

Diwali Dishes

Diwali Dishes

There is no dearth of Diwali dishes. Right from the sweet Gujhia to spicy samosas to savory besan sev, one can indulge onself no end. Indians women are a pro at preparing these dishes. There are many more Diwali dishes that become a part of Indian cooking on this occasion whether these are kachauri-aloo, dahi-bhalle or chhole-bhatoore. Some are cooked a few days before Diwali and stored to eat later too while others are cooked and served hot and fresh.  Visit any household during Diwali days and you’ll find aromas wafting from the kitchen to water your mouth.

There are various readymade eatables too that people buy on and around the festival of lights that give these dishes a tough competition but anyone who has tasted the homemade diwali dishes I’ve mentioned above, knows well the value of these for their purity and hygiene.

‘Oh, how I wish I could also cook these dishes’, if you are thinking that now, you need not worry. Just go to Google and search the Diwali dishes recipes. You’ll find endless recipes. Prepare them and enjoy with your folks and friends this Diwali ! Bon appétit !

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